What We Sell:

We specialize in late model sedans and SUVs with low mileage and remaining factory warranty. Each vehicle has been mechanically inspected and professionally detailed. A free auto history report is also included, posted on our company website - no damaged goods here! NO EXTRA FEES! Many dealers negotiate a price, THEN add hundreds of dollars in extra fees: title fee, admin fee, transportation fee, license fee, document fee, dealer prep, etc. We are a NO FEE dealership. The only add-on cost for Kansas residents is sales tax. (Out of state buyers are exempt from Kansas tax.) We believe in No Haggling/ Bottom Line Pricing and endeavor to practice the Golden Rule in all our business relationships.

Come enjoy a stress free, no pressure look at your favorite sedan or SUV.

Core Values

How We Treat Each Other

1. The Golden Rule: seek the well-being of those with whom we interact.
2. Authenticity: be our true selves; value the unique differences in each individual.
3. Transparency: clearly communicate with others about the things which directly affect them.
4. People First: prioritize long-term relationships over the current transaction or moment.
5. Understand & Accept Others / Be Empathic / Listen & Respond Without Judgment.

How We Treat Our Work

1. Serve Others / Do Work That Makes a Difference
2. Innovate / Try New Ideas / Adapt / Take Risks
3. Seek Wisdom / Commit to Learn / Continuously Improve
4. Value Independence & the Freedom to Choose
5. Take Responsibility for the Results

Who We Are:

Being able to know and trust your trading partner is essential in today's uncertain world of strangers. Proudly, we're a small town business, owned by John Kincaid. John is married to Kim Kincaid, Sandy Bushman's daughter. She was born locally in Cushing hospital and is a lifetime resident. John is a transplant from Eudora, KS, circa 1997. Long-time residents will know that Sandy Bushman has been a CPA in Leavenworth for over 50 years. Our customers are friends whom we see at school sporting events, in local community organizations, at Scouting events, in church, and elsewhere.

Collector Bookstore

Kim owns Collector Bookstore, a specialty e-Commerce retailer of new, in print reference books that educate collectors and professionals in the antiques and collectors markets.


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